Hi, I am a research scientist at Google AI Language. My research is focused on developing methods for neural networks that con generate natural language. Specifically, I want to put users of these models first by ensuring that they are controllable, robust, fair, and interpretable.

I like to work on large multi-disciplinary collaborations, for example the GEM benchmark for language generation, evaluation, and its metrics for which we are organizing a workshop at ACL 2021. Please consider participating!

Besides this, I also gave a tutorial on interpretability in NLP at ACL 2020, and co-organized a workshop on evaluating NLG models at INLG 2020.

Before joining Google, I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Harvard, supervised by Barbara Grosz and Sasha Rush. My dissertation was titled “Human-AI Collaboration for Natual Language Generation with Interpretable Neural Networks”.